Sunday, 12 January 2014

Seriously Sassy – Crazy Days

“It’s half seven in the morning and I’m in my Greenpeace nightie, playing air guitar and belting out, “Yay! Life is great in every way!” when I stop in my tracks cos the tiger on my wall poster’s staring at me accusingly with two sad amber eyes.”

Sassy is a song-writer with the offer of a record contract, who intends to use her fame and money to make the world a better place. She is also on the hunt for a boyfriend but she has to chose between two boys.

Sassy tries to change herself when the record deal company decide they don’t want her. But when something really bad happens her talents are needed.

I listened to the first Seriously Sassy book on a long car journey and even my Dad didn’t complain. Reading the second one made me laugh even more! Sassy, Taslima, Cordelia, Twig, Magnus, Digby, Dad and Megan are all back to raise money and save the day.


Seriously Sassy – Crazy Days by Maggi Gibson and published by Puffin (2010). For readers 7 upwards because it is about boyfriends. The end will make you laugh out loud! I would like to ask Maggi Gibson how she came up with the idea for the end!

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